How to reach Venice from the airport?


The most common way used by our guests is by plane… the most used airport is the Venice Marco Polo (VCE)…
Once landed in Venice, there are basically two ways to get to Venice:

by car/minivan/bus up to piazzale Roma, which is the only place reachable by car, then it depend where your hotel is located; apart some hotels located at a walking distance from piazzale Roma, the others are from 15 up to 35/40 minutes far away by foot.

piazzale-roma-venicePiazzale Roma, Venice

For this reason the second step will be to catch a  waterbus  or a water taxi.

Obviously, if you are willing to walk, almost all the hotels are reachable by foot, but consider the possibility to cross 1/2 up to 5/6 bridges.

This because there are more than 400 bridges in Venice, and walking up and down the bridges carrying a checked bag is not so easy.

The second way is directly by the public service Alilaguna from the airport; the average fare per person is 15 Euro and the average time to reach the center city is one hour.

tunnel to the boats terminal in Venice

Tunnel from the departure terminal to the boats terminal

Alternatively you can catch a water taxi, but it’s fairly expensive: the average fare for 4 people is around 120 Euro, depending the company.

boats terminal in Venice

Boats terminal at the airport

boats terminal in Venice 2

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