Venice transportation


For the most part, transportation within Venice consists of a sturdy pair of rubber-soled shoes or Birkenstocks.

Still, there are times when you’ll want to take to the water, so here’s how to cruise the canali without bruising your pocketbook:


The public boats called vaporetti and motoscafi run almost constantly during the day and evening, and you’ll seldom have to wait more than a few minutes for one to come along.

The water bus that you’re likely to use most often is the No. 1, the local that stops 13 times between the Piazzale Roma and the Piazza San Marco.

The standard waterbus fare is not exactly cheap… € 7,50 p.p. and one bag.

However, if you plan on traveling extensively by public transportation, you can save money with 12- to 72-hour “Tourist Travel Card” from ACTV, the Venice transit authority.

Another option is the “frequent users” version of the Venezia Unica pass for residents, students, and visitors who are planning to stay a while.

This card offers big discounts on public-transportation fares, and it can be a good value if you’re staying in Venice for several weeks or longer and expect to use public transportation frequently, or if you plan to return to Venice soon.

Water taxis


The sleek, wood-trimmed water taxis of Venice are priced for the limousine crowd, with extra fees for radio-dispatched service, trips after 10 p.m.



The gondolas of Venice are beautiful but expensive.

Gondoliers often demand more money for less than the officially allotted time, so, the suggestion is DO NOT pay in advance, never…

If the gondolier ask and insist to be paid beforehand, change gondola, as they are used to cut off some time from the ride and, instead of 30 minutes, they end the ride after 25, even 20 minutes

The gondola offical rate on 2018 is up to 6 people per gondola and up to 7pm € 80,- per 30 minutes, not a penny more.

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