What about outside Venice?… Verona.

verona tour

One hour drive from Venice, Verona is a perfect place to spend a day…

Verona is for everyone the tragic scenario of the love history between Romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeare’s play has made the fortune of Verona for sure: a good part of the city’s  economy is based on this “romantic tourism,” which finds its perfect ending below the famous balcony of Juliet.

Identifying Verona as the city of Romeo and Juliet, however, has prevented people to enjoy the other beauties of this city.

It’s called  the “Gateway to Italy“, because it anticipates, to those coming from the north, the characteristics, the beauty, the essence of our country.


Verona is a mix  of artistic, historical and cultural testimonies,  dived in a suggestive atmosphere made of alleys, squares and traditional food.

If you would like to look beyond the balcony, we suggest you an itinerary among its famous places, its typical flavors and its lovely entertainments.

You’ll be seduced by the charm of this city.

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